Xinyi C. Turning sixteen on 21st July 2013.
Don't you worry child.
Wednesday, June 19, 2013 @ 1:03 PM
Thank goodness. >u< Maybe I’ll jump off the bandwagon and stop making these ‘month’ animations, but they’re so fun and an excuse to do something different. XD

3rd June - Chinese O Level. 
I screwed up big time. I think I was too nervous? I read the question wrongly for Paper 1, yeah. It was pretty idiotic of me because I went to look up the meaning of the phrases/words in the topic question using the electronic dictionary yet I still... It was only 20 mins left when I realised I wrote the question wrongly. Panic attack. I closed the answer booklet immediately and blanked out. After we were dismissed for a short break before our paper 2 starts, I went straight to the toilet..................................................... Yep, I told my teacher I wanted to go home straight,  since I've decided to retake my papers at the end of the year. She didn't allow me, and asked me to not give up and do well for my paper 2. But.. I really had no mood to do the paper.

Screw that. I went for lunch with Suying before heading home. Yum!

Booster from 4th June to 14th June
A waste of time I would say. Fun Run with classmates during geog and social studies lessons was damn awesome though :p

8th June - Piercings 
Lunch with Gerrah and SiMin at Bagus nom nom. Afterwards, went to Power 9 to pierce. SiMin pierced her 3rd ear hole while I pierced my 2nd and 3rd. :-) I love the chain earrings so yep I got it!

9th June - Movie date with SiMin
We went to watch Now You See Me. Such a awesome movie, I would love to watch again. So much suspense, and the magician tricks were damn cool. The ending was really unexpected, but it links everything up nicely. Mind blowing. 4.5/5

10th June - Date with JingMin
Went to get her birthday present early in the morn. I was meeting her at 1215 but I was already in Causeway Point walking about at 11 searching for stuff. It was such a belated belated belated birthday present because of MYE, Chinese Intensive and stuff. Sorry girl. :)

Lunch at Shabu Shabu, horrible. Steamboat buffet, so chose Spicy soup and Seaweed soup for our steamboat base. Spicy soup was not spicy, it was damn salty. Seaweed soup was weird, it doesn't even take like the normal seaweed soup. Kind of struggled to finish up the food... The best part of the lunch was the ice cream!!

Went to Somerset 313, Cineleisure and Scape afterwards. While I love to shop, JingMin hates to shop......................... She's the happiest when she has food. So yeah, went to Toastbox to chill a little.

Home afterwards.

12th June - Meet up with choir girls.
Skipped booster. I was really too sleepy and I had no mood for school. Furthermore, the lessons weren't that important.

Met up with my choir girls - Vernice Mingzhu Chingyee Suying. Charmaine and Felicia had something on so they couldn't make it. (PSST I'M THE YOUNGEST IN THIS GRP)
Had lunch at Bagus then went to walk around and chill before parting!


17th June - Date with Suying!
Went to AMK Hub's Ichiban Sushi for lunch. Yummy and affordable! Travelled to Somerset 313, H&M, Cineleisure and Scape!




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Friday, May 17, 2013 @ 10:50 PM
= AP testing month for many U.S. students. XD;; Good luck to anyone taking them~
credit- 1 2 3 4 5

ITS MAY YO. Chinese intensive starts next Monday so I don't think I'll have time to update my blog, so since i'm pretty free now (mye is over). I guess i should do a quick post. 

From 29th April to 9th May, I've been going to Republic Poly like almost everyday, with friends or alone. So yeah, some pictures hehehehe.

Exam periods were seriously like a fucking hell to me, since i started each of my subject revision just a few days before or a night before the exam. Physics and Chemistry were the worst. I had over 20 chapters to over, and I spent the whole night up studying. It's not possible to finish but i tried............... And i went to school like a walking dead. (Serves me right for not studying earlier.)

Oh, i don't know because of what, but i keep having the urge to visit the toilet but I DON'T PEE OUT AT ALL/MUCH. This is not normal... But it's fine now, thankfully. 

13th May - Iron Man III movie date!
Yay went to watch Iron Man III with Suying and Sokyi!! :D FINALLY CAUGHT IT. It was damn awesome ok, Robert Downey Jr. is so sexy hahahahaha. :* 


17th May 2013
I'm a little down.................. Ok maybe more than a little. I don't even know what's this now. Or maybe I never knew. OH W E L L. 

And then toss that jar of distress into a black hole.



Chinese Intensive
I swear I miss chinese intensive, it was such a fun and productive period. 
  1. MT Intensive group mates - Shiyu Elffie Wendy Aloy Sharlynn! They made my chinese intensive days much much more awesome with them around. 
  2. Teachers - Ms Chong & Mr Ho! Ms Chong was fucking understanding and funny and Mr Ho was nice and cute. Lessons became much more enjoyable.
  3. Fun Run - So many of my schoolmates were into Fun Run, we played it so frequently!! Between breaks, in class (sometimes :p), before class, bound to be people playing it. Playing fun run with your friends when you're with them makes it 100x more exciting hehe! 
  4. Snapchat - Snapchat with Aloy and Elffie during class so fucking epic!! Seriously miss them omg. 


Last day of intensive......... Thanks elffie for the polaroids btw!! :')


Mid Year Results
I thought I did rly badly... But my grades were pretty satisfactory omg!! I'm the 10th in class, AND MY LEVEL POSITION WAS 16/151 TF!! Rly rly shocking but hehe..... I'm not complaining! 

Eng C5 / Chi B3 / Emath A2 / Amath A2 / Humans A2 / Bio C6 / Chem C5 / Phy B4. 


Bye! [/edit]  
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Battle Scars
Saturday, May 11, 2013 @ 8:40 PM
let’s go april~ :D <3 wanted to try and make one of these, but I definitely prefer drawing. ^^
photo credit: 1 2 3 4

April is over, this year seems to pass really really soon. This month have been hell and heaven at the same time. Full of ups and downs.

8th April - Stayed back for rugby, but rained.
Had fun piggy backing each other the whole afternoon haha.

11th April - Choir @ School, mad girls stayed over at my house.

 (Yup we did Gwiyomi..... HAHAHAHA)

15th April - MT teacher bought our class pizza, went to SSC to slack.  

18th April - Received our choir SYF results, choir step down party.  
It's certificate of commendation, i swear most of us were rly upset. Sigh it was so disappointing, when I checked the results in class, I broke down in class....... I thought I wouldn't.
Tbh i do not deserve the president role. I wasn't doing enough to help the choir. Teachers constantly say choir do not have discipline. But i wasn't doing anyt. I've regretted not doing enough. If i had a choice, i would go back and do my duties right. A big thank you for all my classmates/teachers/schoolmates who comforted me/choirgirls. I also rly like the cards my qt made, thanks a lot.

19th April - Movie at the night with Sinyee and Suying hehe!! 
Um we wanted to watch Oblivion....... But i bought the wrong tickets omg hahaha, so we watched Olympus has Fallen. But it was damn awesome though! And we couldn't stop laughing in the cinema theatre because there was a fucking awesome trailer, and they were like it's 'oblivion sia so nice i hate you why you buy the wrong tix!!!' and at the last part of the trailer........ "Star Trek". HAHAHAHAHA it's hilarious.


29th April - Went to RP to study with SiMin. 
In fact I went the entire week with different people - SiMin, JingMin, Soffea, Angeline, PohHeng, Serena etc etc. 


Ending of with my face hehe bai x 

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