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Absolutely nothing.
Saturday, January 5, 2013 @ 4:22 PM

It's the first weekend in this year!! I'm supposed to be really motivated and start studying and do my homework and stuff. However, i'm really NOT motivated. I've been staying back in school, to slack or to wander around in the mall. I've not been doing my homework as well. Sigh i need a wake up call, it's my o level year.

Slacked with Elicia and Serena yesterday and I came out with a 'metaphorical compost bin, trash can and recycling bins' theory acording to Elicia. She also mentioned that's the wisest and most helpful thing I had ever created. I'm not even sure it's a compliment or an insult........ 


I was supposed to meet JingMin after her training to go to Singapore Poly's open house cause I wanted to know more about the courses there.... Some courses I'm interested/seems cool to me: Perfumery and Cosmetic Science, Integrated Events and Project Management, Accountancy, Business Administration and Human Resource Management with Psychology.  

But I overslept and she slept after not getting a reply from me. So we didn't go, and if we were to go it'd be too late as well. So I'm just staying at home today.


Okay bye hehehe.
A bit upset last night. I just realised how stupid I was holding onto something that would never ever happen. It's not like I expected anything, but still. 
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