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Monday, December 31, 2012 @ 9:30 PM

New year, new start, new beginning. And tada it's already the last day of 2012. Oh yay i'm at home even though almost everyone is going to town for countdown to 2013. It's okay :'-) 

New year resolutions:
1. O'levels points: Below 15 for R4 & 20 for R5.
2. Choir SYF 2013: Certificate of Accomplishment
3. Maintain a good skin care routine. 
4. Pick up new sport as a hobby. (Swimming? Basketball? Badminton? Soccer?) 
5. Be less vulgar and violent maybe....
6. Improve on my attitude lmao. 
7. Be committed to class and cca. 
8. Grow long and pretty hair. 
9. Maintain this blog......... lolol.
10. Survive.

Spent a lot of time thinking about these 10 resolutions. Hope i manage to achieve all these. :D

Note to future self: 
Hi xinyi!! Did you managed to achieve these!!?! If you didn't, please go and reflect la hor. If you did, yay please maintain ah. But even if you didn't hit all it's ok la actually. Just make sure you're happy with your current life, and continue to jiayou ok!!! xxx


Bye. ♡
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