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Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 9:53 PM
Have a lovely March you guys~ Used a color pencil preset on photoshop to write it out. ^^
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Hai guys!! Back to blogging. It's already the end of March and two more weeks to Choir's SYF day - 12th April. I can't wait to get SYF over and done with, because I'm really tired. I want to quickly step down!!

Anyway due to SYF on the 12th Apr, I can't participate in a lot of events like sports heat, sports day and interclass touch rugby competition.......................... Why oh why. I really hope my form-pe teacher would allow me to go for touch rugby at least. There'll be face painting with my class on the 11th April and I guess I'd be stuck in school - practicing for the SYF. Ugh this sucks so much.

I got my common test results, I guess I did pretty ok! L1R5 is 15, and I only failed Biology meh. Mid year is coming soon and I really hope I can maintain my grades. Well maybe not because I'm sucha lazy ass and I haven't done any revision. I can't even complete my homework on time, and I have to do revision alr?? HA HA HA.

5th March - Movie Date with Birthday Girl SIMIN ^^ 

8th March - WGS Walkathon 

21th & 22th March - Choir Day Camp


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