Xinyi C. Turning sixteen on 21st July 2013.
Battle Scars
Saturday, May 11, 2013 @ 8:40 PM
let’s go april~ :D <3 wanted to try and make one of these, but I definitely prefer drawing. ^^
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April is over, this year seems to pass really really soon. This month have been hell and heaven at the same time. Full of ups and downs.

8th April - Stayed back for rugby, but rained.
Had fun piggy backing each other the whole afternoon haha.

11th April - Choir @ School, mad girls stayed over at my house.

 (Yup we did Gwiyomi..... HAHAHAHA)

15th April - MT teacher bought our class pizza, went to SSC to slack.  

18th April - Received our choir SYF results, choir step down party.  
It's certificate of commendation, i swear most of us were rly upset. Sigh it was so disappointing, when I checked the results in class, I broke down in class....... I thought I wouldn't.
Tbh i do not deserve the president role. I wasn't doing enough to help the choir. Teachers constantly say choir do not have discipline. But i wasn't doing anyt. I've regretted not doing enough. If i had a choice, i would go back and do my duties right. A big thank you for all my classmates/teachers/schoolmates who comforted me/choirgirls. I also rly like the cards my qt made, thanks a lot.

19th April - Movie at the night with Sinyee and Suying hehe!! 
Um we wanted to watch Oblivion....... But i bought the wrong tickets omg hahaha, so we watched Olympus has Fallen. But it was damn awesome though! And we couldn't stop laughing in the cinema theatre because there was a fucking awesome trailer, and they were like it's 'oblivion sia so nice i hate you why you buy the wrong tix!!!' and at the last part of the trailer........ "Star Trek". HAHAHAHAHA it's hilarious.


29th April - Went to RP to study with SiMin. 
In fact I went the entire week with different people - SiMin, JingMin, Soffea, Angeline, PohHeng, Serena etc etc. 


Ending of with my face hehe bai x 

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